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Available Services

Paintings and Drawings

All techniques of painting include traditional oil, watercolor, mixed media, digital painting, murals, and decorative wall painting.

Jewellery and Crafts

I can create unique custom pieces of jewelry for you. In my own jeweler's projects, I love to reuse and upcycle all the vintage or unwanted little objects and give them a new life as proper pieces of recycled jewelry. If you have any crazy ideas like making a ring of your grandma's teaspoon or a necklace made of an old watch, or if you need something like a protective talisman designed especially for you, You are in a good spot! 

Graphic Design

Vector graphic design as a logo, business cards, and other graphics, illustration, and photo editing. I am more than happy to cooperate with a small, fair-trade, sustainable, or independent business.


Are you interested to learn hand drawing or painting, handmade printmaking, card collages, magic dreamcatchers, recycled jewelry, or kokedama moss balls? Or maybe you are looking for someone who can lead the workshop in the field of eco and upcycled arts and crafts?

Sculpture and Objects

I know the technology of many materials like plaster, concrete, epoxy resin, modeling polymers, and ceramics. I use to create unique objects of use as mugs, cups, or coffee drippers as well as abstract objects and conceptual sculptures in a bigger size.


Are you planning a festival, art market, or party? Do you need a trader, workshop leader, artist, or craft maker? I am ready to be a part of your event, especially if it promotes sustainable living or fair trade markets, and supports small businesses.


Describe your idea or project. I will try to find the best price for you and explain how looks the design process.

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